About Språkmakaren

Språkmakaren is a sole proprietor business run by Eirik Ulltang Birkeland. The company offers language services in both of the Norwegian written forms (Nynorsk and Bokmål). Please contact Språkmakaren for advice about language use or for a non-binding quote for the service in question.

Eirik Ulltang Birkeland’s education includes modules in both English and Nordic Language and Literature from universities in Norway and the United Kingdom. He has also passed The Language Council of Norway’s Competency Test for Language Professionals (2013) in both the Norwegian written forms, Nynorsk (code: nn) and Bokmål (code: nb).

Eirik Ulltang Birkeland is a member of the Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association (NFFO) and the Norwegian Association of Professional Translators (NORFAG).


Språkmakaren (Eirik Ulltang Birkeland)
Norwegian Organisation Registry: 996 934 357 (VAT-registered)
Postal address: Nye Sandviksveien 55, 5032 BERGEN, Norway
Phone: +47 481 15 535
E-mail: eirik[a]sprakmakaren.no

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