TranslationMore and more people seem to think that translation is something most people could do, as long as they have an okay understanding of the source language from school or the like. The alternative is of course to use one of the machine translation providers that are to be found on the internet, many would say. The result of this will often end up being what one might call tragicomedy.

A well translated text is the result of a great number of human choices that are made with language skills and experience as a backdrop. If you leave the job to random people, you are likely to be presented with an erratic or outright useless result.

Språkmakaren is able to take on translation work within these language combinations:
– English to Norwegian
– Swedish to Norwegian
– Danish to Norwegian
– Spanish to Norwegian

I translate to both Nynorsk and Bokmål, and I am also happy to translate between these two Norwegian written forms, both ways. Additionally, I have professional contacts for translations from Norwegian to English.

Please contact me to get a quote for the text in question.


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